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For those interested ...
since 2004
"In dem Wasser Deiner Seele bade ich die ganze Nacht"
Restart and coming back to senses. Tracks grow from unforced ease, avoid any constructedness and require a lot of time. In the year 2007 this project results in a self-employment in the field of music. Since then it gets dug out from the ashes demanding tremendous efforts.
until 2004
"Shoes that didn't carry me where I wanted to be"
Poprock songwriting and recording began already about 1998 but was still coming too much from the perspectice of the rock-world.
until 2003
Waste your talent
The second year as bassplayer in a cover band. Once again big fuss at performances with up to 1000+ guests.
"Palmen am Polarkreis und das Großstadtkind träumt weiter"
A creative burst of anger. 10 punk tracks reflect social conditions, more a performance than a product, within just a few weeks. The demo "a.k.a. - Weiss war Schwarz" is a rejection and receives the same. It is the era of DSDS.
until 1998
"Outfit fits all, outfit-o-mania"
Metal homerecording on eight-track tape. Doesn't get boring, but better to be a band. After a long search: Korova. First round finished, back to punkrock with an emphasis on rock.
until 1996
"Get that bus"
From background to lead mic. Vocal lines and lyrics completing metal pearls written by another hand.
ca. 1993
"The loud people I've seen all day long"
Own preferences point in the direction of soul, jazz, hiphop and poprock. As a band though, it becomes a trio which was already rooted in blues. The upcoming rock-explosion brings this to an abrupt end.
until 1989
"Two worlds without connection"
Ambitious funk songwriting between poprock and jazzrock in two formations. A good time.
until 1985
"Superman der tolle Held jagt die ganze Gangsterwelt"
Ambitious punk songwriting for SL-Comix. We even get public performances: we make good targets for beer cans and turning off electricity. As a temporary member of band LKH for a single concert to Berlin-Kreuzberg. Big fuss.
ca. 1980
A cheap electric bass for beginners. To this day, I sometimes remember it's smell.